Friday 5/4/2018



Saturday 2/4/2017

5 min

10 Break aparts

10 underhand breakaparts

10 squat jumps

30 jump ropes

:30 plank


20 min partner wod

10 burpees each over partner  (partner 1 laying on ground, while partner 2 is doing 10 lateral burpees over partner then switch)

30 barbell or dumbbell thrusters each- while partner is on rower or air dyne- each person has to complete 30 thrusters before continuing on

10 burpees each over partner

30 push ups or banded push ups for advanced- while partner is doing a wall sit

10 burpees each over partner

30 wall balls each- while partner is on rower or airdyne

10 burpees over partner

30 sit ups each- while partner is doing a plank


Saturday 11/26/2016

Warm up

5 min

10 windmills

10 squats

10 hip extensions

:30 plank


20 minutes

12 Burpee Box Jumps

20 lunges

12 hr push ups

200 meter run

rest :60


cash out? Coaches choice

Happy Sunday:)

snowmen fit

Good Afternoon!!

We are getting closer to the end of the year…

2015 is coming to an end!!

Have you thought about your 2016 GOALS? This is a great time to ponder on what it is that you want to accomplish this upcoming year.

Whatever it is that you decide, CONSISTENCY, and PATIENCE will get you there and ENJOY the process. Your health and fitness should be a PRIORITY in your life. Start practicing good habits!

Announcements for the week!

PRESALE ORDER for apparel is LIVE! This ends December 21st, so get your purchase TODAY!

Santa is coming THIS Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30- SO bring the kiddos to get a picture with Santa!

Christmas Party THIS Friday the 18th at 7:00pm. There will be no classes this night. Hope you can make it!


santa and greyson
Santa is coming to MAXFIT!!!

When: Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30PM

Bring your kiddos to see the REAL SANTA and get a picture!

We would LOVE to have you!

Happy Sunday :)

focus on today

Happy Sunday!

We hope each of you are taking time today to rewind and getting the rest you need for the week ahead!

Sunday’s are the perfect day to relax, and plan for the upcoming week. Take time to prepare quality food to fit your training for the week.

Nutrition is SO important. You work so hard every time you are here, so do not let your training go to waste. Make sure you are fueling your body with the proper nutrition to meet your goals and to help with performance.

If this is something you need help with, then email Kelly at to set up a meeting to go over the steps to take to making this a priority and to meet your fitness goals!

Happy Sunday :)

sunday well spent

What are you doing on this pretty day to mentally restore and get prepared for the week?

Mental restoration is so important! We all need it and it is different for everyone. Life is busy, and it’s important to slow down and take time to be with family and friends, or read a book, or meditate. Taking this break away from our busy work and things we do daily, can help us restore for the week to think and feel better.

Make sure you are taking time to restore and prepare quality foods for the week!


KidsCare is Mon-Wed: 5:30-6:30PM- AGES 3-13.

Days that we do not have Kidscare, kids are not allowed in the gym or parking lot area. This is for safety reasons but it is also for class purposes so coaches can focus on YOU and YOU can focus on yourself as well. We understand that it is hard at times and you have to bring your child, but make sure you have something prepared to keep them occupied.

You can commit or renew your membership for only $99 UNLIMITED! Email Kelly at to get this started!

Hello November :)

hello november
Good Morning!

Happy November!! It’s always fun going into a new month, with a fresh start! The Holiday’s are coming up and before you know it, a new year will be here!

November is the perfect month to practice being thankful for all of life’s blessings!

One thing I want you to truly take in this month and to be thankful for is your HEALTH! Be thankful you have the opportunity to better yourself and to move it in ways a lot of people can’t!

Really take in the opportunities you have in front of you and be thankful you are able to do the things you do!

Just a reminder with the NEW WINTER SCHEDULE starting THIS WEEK!

There will no longer be a 9am or 12pm session. The alternative is to come to the 9:30am CrossFit session where the movements can all be modified for your fitness level! There will still be a 9am on Saturday’s. Followed by a Range of Motion class called ROMWOD. This will be available from 10-10:30. ROMWOD is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. Range of motion limits everyone, and whether you are trying to get into better positioning in your overhead squat or you just want to sit on the floor to play with your children, ROMWOD is the answer that your body needs to open and free your joints.

Childcare will only be on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:30om.AGES 3-13!!

We are excited about seeing new faces the past couple weeks. Keep showing up and pushing it! We want to continue to grow our MaxFit/BLCF Family, so don’t forget about the $199 Special we have going on! Email Kelly at for details and questions!

NEW DAY. NEW MONTH! Let’s get after it!



Today, we’d like to recognize Stacy Foster as our Client of the Month winner (for the month of November). Stacy has been a member here at MaxFit from the very beginning! She pushes herself each session and makes getting here a priority! It has been awesome to watch her progress and transform to where she is today. Even with a broken hand, she still makes it in and does what she can! We are so very proud of you!!!

We are grateful and proud to have you here at MaxFit BootCamp!!

Happy Sunday!!

what you allow
“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Happy Sunday!

New week coming up! Which means new opportunities to go after your goals!

This time of year tends to be a time that is hard for people to stay on track with their health and fitness due to the Holidays, weather, and it’s just overall a busy time.

Maybe right now you feel stuck? Or bored? Or frustrated? And can’t seem to get going again and back on track with focusing on yourself. But every day is a new day for new decisions and new possibilities. Don’t get in the mindset of “its too late” or “I haven’t been to the gym in months, why start now?” or “Might as well start fresh starting 2016.”

This mindset is hurting yourself.

YOU HAVE a CHOICE. Every single day. And it is NOT too late to get going again. Don’t be one of those people waiting til 2016 to get started. Don’t be one of those people making excuses. You have to GET GOING, GET MOVING, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! No one is holding you back BUT YOU.

This week is a NEW week for you. Today is a new day for you. Change your mindset. Change your attitude and get after it.

Announcements for this week!

Starting November 1st- We will no longer be having the 12pm Power Lunch Session.

Changes may be occurring soon with Childcare again and with class times. More details this week about this!

THIS SATURDAY October 31st- Halloween WOD at 10AM for Both CrossFit and BootCamp! Come get a workout in and dress up!! Best Costume will receive prize. Paleo Potluck after! Bring your favorite Paleo Recipe, side dish or dessert!

$199 End of the Year Special is still going on! If you are not a member here, this is for YOU! Call us at 428-1438 or email Kelly Hayes (Harrod) at or Kasey Harrod at We would love to have you!