Friday 5/4/2018



Saturday 5/6/2017

5 Minutes

Buy In 200 meter run

then coaches choice


Partner Workout

22 Minutes

80 Push Ups (P2 is doing an elbox plank)

400 meter run together

70 Wall Balls (P2 is doing a wall sit)

400 meter run

60 KB Swings


Saturday 2/18/2017

5 Min

10 Bird Dogs

10 Fire Hydrants per side

Butt Kicker/Cherry Picker

Toy Soldier March/Duck Walk

10 Squat Jumps


21 Minutes (Partner)

400 Meter Run Together

80 Med Ball Sit Ups (both go back each time even when they don’t have ball)

70 KB Swings (Toes to bar)

60 Wall Balls (Box Jumps)

50 Push Ups (Negative Pull Ups)


Saturday 2/4/2017

5 min

10 Break aparts

10 underhand breakaparts

10 squat jumps

30 jump ropes

:30 plank


20 min partner wod

10 burpees each over partner  (partner 1 laying on ground, while partner 2 is doing 10 lateral burpees over partner then switch)

30 barbell or dumbbell thrusters each- while partner is on rower or air dyne- each person has to complete 30 thrusters before continuing on

10 burpees each over partner

30 push ups or banded push ups for advanced- while partner is doing a wall sit

10 burpees each over partner

30 wall balls each- while partner is on rower or airdyne

10 burpees over partner

30 sit ups each- while partner is doing a plank


Saturday 11/26/2016

Warm up

5 min

10 windmills

10 squats

10 hip extensions

:30 plank


20 minutes

12 Burpee Box Jumps

20 lunges

12 hr push ups

200 meter run

rest :60


cash out? Coaches choice

Wednesday 2.10.16

one day
8 Minutes
10 Windmills
10 Hip Extensions
10 Superman
10 Sit ups
10 HR Push Ups

5 Stations- 50/10’s
2 Rounds at each station (4 Minutes) – 0 Rest
1) DB ROWS- Knee and hand on Box
2) Plank Push Up Hold/Inch worm plank
3) Push Ups on Paralettes/ Dips
4) Handstand Holds
5) Ab Mat Sit Ups/Plank

Rest 1:00

2 Minutes
:30 Up and Down Planks
:30 Hand Release Burpees

New Mindset- New Week

goal setting
Happy Sunday!

A new week is a head of us!! We all have goals and something we are aiming for during our fitness journey and how we prepare is so important, and it is a fundamental component to long term success!

How are you getting prepared for the week to help reach your goals?

How you are fitting this into your schedule for the week?

This HAS to be mandatory. It has to turn into something you just do and that becomes part of your daily routine.

We all brush our teeth on a daily because we know we have to. It has turned in to something we just do without even thinking about it. That is what it it has to be when it comes to working out and making your health important.

Prepare. Take Action. Stay Consistent, and Stay Positive.

Be proud of your accomplishments and don’t forget where you started. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing now and forget how far we have actually come!

You are capable and you can do this. Now BELIEVE IT. Get after it this week!

Your goals are important to us as Coaches and Staff here at BLCF/MAXFIT so do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need guidance. We can help you reach those goals!

ANNOUNCEMENTS for This Week (5-10th)

Barbells for Boobs (BB4B) Competition is 10/17- Barbells for Boobs is dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.
Bootcamp: 9am – First Heat for CrossFit : 10:30
Get a partner and sign up!
Here is the link to create a fundraising page:


**Starting the week of the 12th

BootCamp 9am Sessions will only be held on MON-WED-FRIDAY- This is temporary

The BaseCamper of the Month is…..

grateful for lulu

Today, we’d like to recognize  Jackie Mullen as our Client of the Month winner (for the month of December ). Jackie has been a member for several years and she still pushes herself everyday!! She goes out of her way to welcome new members; she encourages them and helps to guide them through the workout. She has a busy schedule, but she still makes sessions important each week!! She has formed great relationships within the sessions and is a joy to be around!

We are grateful to have you here at Maximum Fitness!!

Congratulations Jackie!!!

Barbells for Boobs!!!


Our Barbells for Boobs event is right around the corner!!!

When: Saturday 10/18/14 at 9:00am

What: An awesome internal competition and fundraiser that allows us to come together and give back!!!
This will take place at the regular BaseCamp time and EVERYONE is welcome to participate. The workout will be designed so that EVERYONE can do all aspects!!!

How: Sign up on the White Board with your partner (If you need a partner let us know!!!) The sign-up will help to organize and plan the event 🙂

To donate you will simply create a fundraising page and join the Black Label CrossFit team (link below). you are also welcome to simply make a doantion to one of the fundraising pages already created.

We would love to have your help that day with decorating! You can sign up to volunteer on the white board also!

The BaseCamper of the month is….

inspires you
Today, we’d like to recognize  Jackie Dietrich as our Client of the Month winner (for the month of September ). Jackie has been a part of the MaxFit family for years! She is dedicated to her goals and is consistently here pushing herself! She is so welcoming to all new members and has great relationships with current members! She motivates those around her and always makes them smile!!

We are grateful to have you here at Maximum Fitness!!

Congratulations Jackie!!!