Tuesday 10/10/2017

Warm Up

Buy in- Bear Crawl Down and back + 20 deadbugs


Coaches Choice


6 Minutes (3 Rounds) 1 Minute rest between rounds

5 pull ups (As strict as you can make them) or low TRX Rows

10 Decline Push Ups (feet on ball)

15 Goblet Squats


Monday 10/9/2017

Warm Up

800 Meter Indian Run



10 Minutes (partner has to complete round before switching- p2= air squats)

12 KB Swings



rest 1 minute


10 Minutes (p2= flutter kicks)

8 Burpees

8 Push Ups

Saturday October 7th

NO CLASS TODAY due to our Black Label Beatdown Competition!  Come out and Support! 🙂

Friday 10/6/2017

5 Min

Buy In- 400 meter run

4 Stations- 30/10’s (4 Minutes a station)
1) Tire Flips
2) Side to Side Squat Jumps (Small Box)/ Elevated Hip Extensions
3) V- Ups into Superman
4) Bulgarian Squats- You can add weight (foot on box)

Cash Out? Coaches Choice

Thursday 10/5/2017

small life edit
5 Min

Buy In- 100 meter Farmer Carry


Coaches choice

30/10’s- 4 min per station
1) TRX W’s/ TRX Extensions
2) Box Walk Outs/ Heavy KB Swings
3) Sledge Hammers
4) Row or Bike
5) Paralette Push Ups/Paralette Dips

Cash out?

Wednesday 10/4/2017

5 Minutes

Buy In- 200 meter run

Coaches Choice


16 Minutes

8 DB Manmakers

10 HR Push Ups

12 Hollow Rocks

Tuesday 10/3/2017


5 Minutes

100 Jump Ropes

then coaches choice

7 Minutes

8 Box Jumps

8 Burpees


Rest 1 Minute


6 Minutes

10 Squat thrust

10 Burpees


Rest 1 Minute


5 Minutes

12 TRX Rows (get low)

12 Goblet squats





Monday 10/2/2017

5 Minutes

Buy In 400 Meter run



21 Minutes (Partner- Switch every 10 reps)

Buy In 100 Med Ball Sit Ups

50 Toes to Bar (switch every 10) Partner is hanging on bar

60 Wall Balls- p2 = squats

50 Push Ups- p2 = KB swings

400 Meter Run together





Today, we’d like to recognize Nickie Spencer as our Bootcamper of the month for October!

Nickie has been doing Bootcamp on and off since 2012, but this year has been HER YEAR.  She stepped back in after having baby number 2 in June and has been FULLY committed to making her health and fitness a priority.  She has been working hard and has been so consistent.  With being a teacher, and a mom of two,  she still makes time for her health and fitness.  We have seen huge differences in her mindset and her physique ever since she has came back.   We love having here here.  She is full of energy and brings in a great attitude every time she is here.  She has progressed a lot ever since she has came back and we look forward to watching her improve even more.

Congratulations Nickie!

We are proud to have you here at Maximum Fitness, and very proud of the work you continue to put in!

Saturday 9/30/2017

5 Minutes

Coaches Choice


21 Minutes- Partner

400 meter run together

30 Air Squats together (each)

40 Pull ups together  (each)

30 Push Ups together (each)

100 Bicycle Crunches each

30 Med Ball Partner sit ups