BootCamp (Beginner – Intermediate CrossFit) FAQ

Is this program open for Beginners?
YES! We can modify any program or exercise to accommodate any fitness level. This program is designed for beginner to “advanced” intermediate fitness levels. NOT designed for high level athletes. Advance athlete? Our CrossFit program perfect for you!

If I decide to join the BootCamp program, will I be the most “Out of Shape” person in there?
NO! We have a variety of !tness levels in each of our fitness programs. Ages will vary from 17-70. Each exercise has progressions levels from level 1 for beginners and level 3 for more advanced people. Most people will start at level 1-2 exercise variations and progress to level 3.


many people are in each session?
Sessions vary in the amount of participants. Numbers can range from 10-20. We assure you that you will receive the special attention you need reach your goals!

Are sessions COED?
YES. Sessions are open to Men and Women at just about any age range.

Is there Nutrition Advice given?
Yes. Included in your BootCamp membership is our Nutrition Level 1 program. Check out what’s included here –>
Nutrition Levels 2 and 3 are available as add on options.

Are there showers?
We have 1 shower that can be used after sessions.

Can I start BootCamp anytime?
You can use your initial free session at anytime. You will need to complete BootCamp Orientation before attending further BootCamp sessions.

Is BootCamp Orientation Mandatory?
Yes. If you can’t make the group BootCamp Orientation then you will need to schedule a 1 on 1 or small Group Orientation before your start date. This rate has been discounted to $30. Orientations will last 60-120 minutes.

How to get started?
FREE SESSION! – Call 502-428-1438 OR email us at kelly.maxfit@gmail.com


CrossFit (Intermediate – Advanced) FAQ

Is your CrossFit program for Beginners?
To begin CrossFit at our facility you must complete our CrossFit BootCamp program. You can then test out of BootCamp and advance into the intermediate-advanced CrossFit sessions.

Do you offer programs specially for advanced athletes?
Yes! Talk with a coach today and ask about our advanced athlete session schedule.


1 on 1 Personal Training FAQ

Will training sessions be based on my schedule?
YES. We can work around just about any schedule. Personal Training is much more flexible with scheduling than any other program.

Are the training sessions 1 on 1?
Yes. All training sessions are done 1 on 1 with a trainer. We do have options for Semi Private Group training.

I don’t like people watching me while I workout, Are the training sessions performed in Private? Actually YES! Our facility is designed with Private Training rooms for you and your trainers. You
will workout in a private setting in your own Private Training Room.

Do you work with Athletes?
YES we sure do!

Do you offer couples discounts?
Yes we do! Please contact us about our couples discounts.

How to get started?
FREE SESSION! – Call 502-428-1438 OR email us at kelly.maxfit@gmail.com