Happy Sunday!!

what you allow
“To get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Happy Sunday!

New week coming up! Which means new opportunities to go after your goals!

This time of year tends to be a time that is hard for people to stay on track with their health and fitness due to the Holidays, weather, and it’s just overall a busy time.

Maybe right now you feel stuck? Or bored? Or frustrated? And can’t seem to get going again and back on track with focusing on yourself. But every day is a new day for new decisions and new possibilities. Don’t get in the mindset of “its too late” or “I haven’t been to the gym in months, why start now?” or “Might as well start fresh starting 2016.”

This mindset is hurting yourself.

YOU HAVE a CHOICE. Every single day. And it is NOT too late to get going again. Don’t be one of those people waiting til 2016 to get started. Don’t be one of those people making excuses. You have to GET GOING, GET MOVING, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! No one is holding you back BUT YOU.

This week is a NEW week for you. Today is a new day for you. Change your mindset. Change your attitude and get after it.

Announcements for this week!

Starting November 1st- We will no longer be having the 12pm Power Lunch Session.

Changes may be occurring soon with Childcare again and with class times. More details this week about this!

THIS SATURDAY October 31st- Halloween WOD at 10AM for Both CrossFit and BootCamp! Come get a workout in and dress up!! Best Costume will receive prize. Paleo Potluck after! Bring your favorite Paleo Recipe, side dish or dessert!

$199 End of the Year Special is still going on! If you are not a member here, this is for YOU! Call us at 428-1438 or email Kelly Hayes (Harrod) at kelly.maxfit@gmail.com or Kasey Harrod at kasey.harrod@gmail.com. We would love to have you!