Happy Sunday :)

sunday well spent

What are you doing on this pretty day to mentally restore and get prepared for the week?

Mental restoration is so important! We all need it and it is different for everyone. Life is busy, and it’s important to slow down and take time to be with family and friends, or read a book, or meditate. Taking this break away from our busy work and things we do daily, can help us restore for the week to think and feel better.

Make sure you are taking time to restore and prepare quality foods for the week!


KidsCare is Mon-Wed: 5:30-6:30PM- AGES 3-13.

Days that we do not have Kidscare, kids are not allowed in the gym or parking lot area. This is for safety reasons but it is also for class purposes so coaches can focus on YOU and YOU can focus on yourself as well. We understand that it is hard at times and you have to bring your child, but make sure you have something prepared to keep them occupied.

You can commit or renew your membership for only $99 UNLIMITED! Email Kelly at kelly.maxfit@gmail.com to get this started!