Happy Sunday!

dont give up what you want most
Happy Sunday!!

New week coming up which means NEW opportunities to get after it!

What are you going to do differently this week to get closer to your goals?

Are you preparing your food for the week?

Are you planning your workout for the week?

PREPARATION is the KEY to success. Life is BUSY! Therefore, if we do not have somewhat of a plan when it comes to our nutrition and our workouts, we tend to make poor choices when it comes down to these things. REMEMBER… your body is a MACHINE. For it to work properly, it needs to be fueled properly. You will feel and think better!

Take a different approach this week? Ask yourself…what is it I can change this week to better my health? What is something I can add in to better my health?

Get after it this week and stay focused!

Few Announcements for this week:

REMINDER that 9 am Sessions are still only on Mon-Wed-Fri as well as NOON Sessions

Halloween Convergence Workout October 31st. Dress up and come get a good workout in!! Best Costume will receive prize! Followed by Paleo Potluck! Bring your favorite Paleo Recipe or favorite Side Dish or Dessert!

Extended Hours for Childcare: We now have Childcare from 5 til 8 on Mon-Wed-Thursday!

Another Contact and GO TO person we have here at MaxFit is Kasey Harrod– She would love to help you with anything you need. If you are unable to get a hold of Kelly, Kasey would be glad to help you. Her email is kasey.harrod@gmail.com. If you have not met her yet, she is in the conference room up front by the BootCamp room, come say hi! She would love to meet you!

Let’s have a good week!!!:)