Introducing the most in depth and comprehensive Nutrition Coaching Programs we have ever offered…

Tired of falling off track…

Tired of the “strict diet then gorge diet roller coaster” …

Tired of not seeing results…

If you answered yes then this program is for you…

Nutrition Coaching LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3
Current Diet Assessment Included Included Included
Assessment with Body Fat %, Tape Measurements, Scale, Pictures Included Included Included
Starter Nutrition Plan with Macro Nutrient Outline Included Included Included
4 Week Re Assessment Included Included Included
Private Facebook Group +ADD$ Included Included
Weekly Check Ins with Coach via Email +ADD$ Included Included
Bi-Weekly Progress Assessments +ADD$ Included Included
Specific Meal Plans outlined for each day +ADD$ Included Included
Unlimited Emails +ADD $29/mo +ADD $29/mo Included
1 on 1 Bi-Weekly Goal Meetings with Coach In person / Phone +ADD $99/mo +ADD $99/mo Included
1 on 1 Personal Grocery Store Tour +ADD $99 +ADD $99 Included
BaseCamp Membership Included
(12 Month Members Only)
Included Included Included
CrossFit Membership Unlimited
(12 Month Members Only)
Included Included Included
Total Investment
*All programs 3 mos. minimum commitment
Call for
Call for
Call for

LEVEL 2 – Questions and Answers

I’m confused. It says BaseCamp and CrossFit Memberships are included in the package. How does that work?
Yes they are included with in this package all for 1 price!

I’m not a member of the gym. Can I still join into this program?
Of course! The price would be the same. This also includes access to our BaseCamp and Black Label CrossFit programs at unlimited sessions during the duration of the Level 2 coaching program.

What kind of results should I expect?
Every single person will be different so it’s impossible to say exactly the results you will get. The biggest benefit of this program will be the Accountability you get from your coach. Accountability leads to better Consistency over the long haul and that will lead to better results.

I’m only signed up on a 3 month membership. What will the price be for me?
The cost of the Level 3 Nutrition Coaching Program will be an additional $299 unless you are a 12 month member. 12 month members will receive the biggest benefit at the lowest investment. For example, if you signed a 12 month membership agreement with MaxFit Boot Camp for $139 per month then decide to join the Level 2 Nutrition Coaching program, the additional cost would only be $40 per month. (This would only be for the 3 month duration of the Nutrition Coaching Program. After the 3 month is up then your price would return to $139.)

I would really like some of the LEVEL 3 options. Can these be added to the program?
Yes of course you can! If you check out the chart, options that can be added are in red. You will see for example, the 1 on 1 Personal Grocery Store Tour can be added for $99. (+ADD $99) This applies to any other option that you see with the text +ADD.

Ready to Join in?

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